The Grace foundation


The Grace Foundation is a Private Members Social Enterprise comprising of like minded individuals from all aspects of the business community and the wider society.

We aim to bring together those who have more, in order to help those who have less. Joining and sharing with those who have a desire to help and invest in others, but from a consolidated foundation. Members make regular monthly contributions to the foundation funds and share fully in the ownership of all foundation assets and investments, based on their individual holding.

Since inception we felt that there was a need to offer people an option of supporting and investing in new or existing businesses, established on sound  biblical, financial and ethical foundations. A number of our members are existing business owners who are keen to pass on their expertise, invest and  to mentor individuals looking to start their own business.

We want to encourage a spirit of generosity, as the bible teaches that God loves a cheerful giver.

“Remember this, whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously” (2 Corinthians 9:6)

New members who wish to join and support the foundation will firstly need an invitation from an existing member.

For an initial discussion or to arrange a meeting to discuss the foundation in more detail, please do contact me via the link below.

Mike Shaw : Founder



  “freely you have received, freely give” matthew 10:8

The Grace Foundation aims are to support and facilitate profitable and ethical ventures, individuals and initiatives that can demonstrate a socially responsible culture, and can be shown to assist those in society who have less than others. 
By investing in the foundation, members can be sure that their money is being used to help rebalance the inequalities in our  modern and disjointed society.

Grace Associates

An opportunity for those looking to start a new business to present to a panel of existing foundation members with a view to obtaining potential seed funding and guidance.

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